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Our Products:

We hope to earn long-term trust by being up-front about our methods and products. 

  • While 90% of "grass-fed beef" sold at retail stores are from cheap imported sources, we choose to stick with real family farm grown products.

  • While the U.S.D.A. allows others to feed grain by-products and still be legally labeled as "100% grass-fed" - Our cows truly only eat grass (no grains or by-products ever).

  • While industrialized "pastured eggs" flood the supermarkets, we've remained true to hens that actually live and rotate on pasture, not in confinement style barns.

100% grass-fed. Grass Finished. No hormones. No antibiotics. All of our beef is raised on our farm and other local farms within a short driving distance from Kansas City.  All our cows are grazed freely and eat an all-grass diet as nature intended.  Our beef contains no hormones, no antibiotics and no pesticides.
Raised on premium farm land in open pastures. They have access to all the Green Grass they can eat and bugs they can catch which adds to the Juicy Tender flavor. No antibiotics, no drugs. GMO-Free.
100% pastured/gmo-free.  Our happy hens are rotated through different pastures to ensure a rich, varied diet.
Broiler Chickens
No antibiotics, no drugs. GMO-Free.  We use a portable field shelter without a floor, each housing about 75 birds to grow 8-week meat birds. They are moved daily to a fresh location.  These birds receive fresh air, fresh bugs, exercise, sunshine, and all the GMO-Free grain they want.
Pastured /Forested Pork
Raised in part forest and open pastures. No hormones, no antibiotics. GMO-Free. During the summer and fall, the pigs are in special pastures and rotated every few days with electric fence.  During the winter and spring they are aerating and oxygenating our pole barn area.
Grass Beef
Pastured Turkey
Pure Raw Honey

Our honey is produced by Tracy's brother.  The hives are located in MO, KS, and IA, all within a 2 hour radius which makes it beneficial for local allergies.  This honey is strained as opposed to heated or filterered.  This allows all the beneficial enzymes, amino acids and other nutrients to stay in the honey 

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